Release Notes

0.1.4 (Alpha)

Released on November 29, 2011

0.1.3 (Alpha)

Released on November 8, 2011

  • A new setting was introduced to configure the table name separator, NANI_TABLE_NAME_SEPARATOR.


    If you upgrade from an earlier version, you’ll have to rename your tables yourself (the general template is appname_modelname_translation) or set NANI_TABLE_NAME_SEPARATOR to the empty string in your settings (which was the implicit default until 0.1.0)

0.0.4 (Alpha)

In development

0.0.3 (Alpha)

Released on May 26, 2011.

  • Replaced our ghetto fallback querying code with a simplified version of the logic used in Bert Constantins django-polymorphic, all credit for our now better FallbackQueryset code goes to him.
  • Replaced all JSON fixtures for testing with Python fixtures, to keep tests maintainable.
  • Nicer language tabs in admin thanks to the amazing help of Angelo Dini.
  • Ability to delete translations from the admin.
  • Changed hvad.admin.TranslatableAdmin.get_language_tabs signature.
  • Removed tests from egg.
  • Fixed some tests possibly leaking client state information.
  • Fixed a critical bug in hvad.forms.TranslatableModelForm where attempting to save a translated model with a relation (FK) would cause IntegrityErrors when it’s a new instance.
  • Fixed a critical bug in hvad.models.TranslatableModelBase where certain field types on models would break the metaclass. (Many thanks to Kristian Oellegaard for the fix)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented abstract TranslatableModel subclasses with no translated fields.

0.0.2 (Alpha)

Released on May 16, 2011.

  • Removed language code field from admin.
  • Fixed admin ‘forgetting’ selected language when editing an instance in another language than the UI language in admin.

0.0.1 (Alpha)

Released on May 13, 2011.

  • First release, for testing purposes only.
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