nani.models.create_translations_model(model, related_name, meta, **fields)

A model factory used to create the Translations Model. Makes sure that the unique_together option on the options (meta) contain ('language_code', 'master') as they always have to be unique together. Sets the master foreign key to model onto the Translations Model as well as the language_code field, which is a database indexed char field with a maximum of 15 characters.

Returns the new model.


class nani.models.TranslatedFields

A wrapper for the translated fields which is set onto TranslatableModel subclasses to define what fields are translated.

Internally this is just used because Django calls the contribute_to_class() method on all attributes of a model, if such a method is available.

contribute_to_class(self, cls, name)

Calls create_translations_model().


class nani.models.BaseTranslationModel

A baseclass for the models created by create_translations_model() to distinguish Translations Model classes from other models. This model class is abstract.


class nani.models.TranslatableModelBase

Metaclass of TranslatableModel.

__new__(cls, name, bases, attrs)


class nani.models.TranslatableModel

A model which has translated fields on it. Must define one and exactly one attribute which is an instance of TranslatedFields. This model is abstract.

If initalized with data, it splits the shared and translated fields and prepopulates both the Shared Model and the Translations Model. If no language_code is given, django.utils.translations.get_language() is used to get the language for the Translations Model instance that gets initialized.


When initializing a TranslatableModel, positional arguments are only supported for the shared fields.


An instance of nani.manager.TranslationManager.


A list of field on the Shared Model.


A list of field on the Translations Model.

classmethod contribute_translations(cls, rel)

Gets called from the TranslatableModelBase to set the descriptors of the fields on the Translations Model onto the model.

classmethod save_translations(cls, instance, **kwargs)

This classmethod is connected to the model’s post save signal from the TranslatableModelBase and saves the cached translation if it’s available.

translate(self, language_code)

Initializes a new instance of the Translations Model (does not check the database if one for the language given already exists) and sets it as cached translation. Used by end users to translate instances of a model.

safe_translation_getter(self, name, default=None)

Helper method to safely get a field from the Translations Model.


Returns a list of language codes in which this instance is available.

Extra information on _meta of Shared Models

The options (meta) on TranslatableModel subclasses have a few extra attributes holding information about the translations.


The name of the attribute that holds the TranslatedFields instance.


The model class that holds the translations (Translations Model).


The name of the cache attribute on this model.

Extra information on _meta of Translations Models

The options (meta) on BaseTranslationModel subclasses have a few extra attributes holding information about the translations.


The model class that holds the shared fields (Shared Model).